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Shellac Shellac is the finish that poses no problems: it's easy to apply, easy to clean up, and easy to repair.If you are looking for a smooth gloss like finish that gives an exceptionally deep luster, then look to shellac.

Like lacquer, shellac is an evaporative film finish.It's comprised of solids (a natural resin from an insect) and a solvent (alcohol).When the solvent dries, the finish solidifies; add solvent to the dry finish and it dissolves.

Shellac as a Good FinishCompared to other finishes, shellac is nearly foolproof.It dries so fast that you'll have little problem with dust.It doesn't stink up the shop like other finishes, and if you're careful with the solvent you use, it's easy on your health - the resulting finish is non-toxic.

Premixed liquid shellac Because it's so easy to sand, shellac is often used as a sealer coat under other finishes to raise wood fibres.It is also surprisingly water resistant (more so than oil finishes), and it has excellent resistance to water vapour exchange, which makes it an excellent choice for cabinet and drawer interiors.

Some CaveatsAny alcohol concentration greater than about 10% will cause shellac to dissolve, which is to be expected, given that...

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